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This is a post I link to Claudia from Mockingbird Hill Cottage.

I’m not much into decoration because there is not much room for it. It’s not common to have a Christmas tree before Christmas Eve in Switzerland. Therefore there is no tree in our tiny living room. However, there are some nice things here and there. Would you like to have a look around? I haven’t decorated upstairs, only the kitchen and the living room.

In the kitchen there is our Advent calender. It has 24 candles, one for each day. Now my husband wants to have it with 30 candles because his birthday is on December 30, which is a very sad date. Nobody wants to go to a party on the 30th and everybody has enough of get-togethers anyway. My husband thinks that this kind of birthday calendar would put his big day into the right perspective. I agree with him, therefore I will … , but keep it a secret, please. Anyway, today the 13th candle is burning together with number 5, 11, 10 and 12. I will replace them all on Christmas Eve.

I bought two dotted mushrooms about four weeks ago. Although they are Chrismas ornaments, I hung them at the window over the kitchen tabel because they have brightened up the grey days through November and December.

We have candles, real candles. Do you think this is a dangerous thing to do? I’m fully aware of this fact and am very careful to light the candles on the stove in the kitchen, which is a very safe place.

These are my silver stars I bought in our store in order to put them onto gifts until I found another place. They now hang over the living room table.

Last but not least my favourite item. I love this Santa so much he doesn’t have to go back into the box after Christmas. He is allowed to stay with us all the time. 🙂 He sometimes hangs on the kitchen wall or on the door.



  1. Hello Brenda

    I visited a friend this afternoon. She’s already decorated the tree: her husband is American. 🙂

    I think it is nice to have the Christmas tree before Christmas Eve, so it’s worth the effort, and anybody who comes for a visit can admire the tree.

    As we have real trees with real candles, the tree has to be fresh when the candles burn. However, there often is fire during the Holydays. Years ago people had their trees until February 2nd. Imagine how dangerous it was to light the candles then.

  2. I love your Santa, too. I would keep him out all year as well. Tell your husband that I think an Advent Calendar that has 30 days, to include his birthday, is a fine idea! Thanks so much for joining in on the party!


  3. I love your Santa, I have several I keep out all year, they are too amazing to retire in a box in my attic. Love the idea of the Advent calendar to include your husbands big day.

    • Hi Susan and Bentley

      There are a lot of people in a rush here. That’s the reason I love to live in the country side. Life is slower. However, it is nice to go into town to see all the decorations.

  4. I really like your mushrooms. Is the taller plant in bloom on your table, under the silver stars, a Oxalis? Did you crochet the table cloth/runner? How long do you leave your tree up? I’ll bet it smells fantastic!

  5. I found the table cloth in a thrifst store. It costed 8 Swiss franks, which is nothing compared to firstly the material and the time the woman had had to crochet it. I had to buy it (because I didn’t want that someone who doesn’t appreciate the work) although it isn’t my favourite colour. I’m thinking of dying it.
    The plant isn’t an Oxalis. I think you mean the one on the left. It has very succulent leaves and tiny yellow blossoms. The plant on the right side is a Helleborus (Christmas rose).
    We usually have our tree until the 2nd of Janary or maybe Epiphany.

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