Let the Sunshine in! – Sonnenschein im Herzen


I’ve been nominated for the sunshine award. Thank you Natalie at Marigolds‘ Loft! It could not be a better time for it because there has been sunshine here for quite a while now (two days without rain!) and the marigolds are blooming in my garden, which reminds me of picking the strawberries, a daily chore these days. I haven’t eaten that many strawberries in years.

Anyway, a lot is going on this week so I won’t have much time for blogging unfortunatelly. In school, we are very close to the end of the year, which means grading and a lot of paper work. Because the students can already feel the freedom of a long vacation, they are not very motivated anymore. Teaching is hard work I have to say. We all are a bit exhausted, aren’t we. Furthermore, there is the „Bischofszeller Rosen- und Kulturwoche“ taking place, which means I can be found am either in school, or in the store or half-dead in bed at home this week. However, if you are around, don’t miss this show of roses. The whole little town is decorated, you can buy beautiful things related to roses, eat and drink in an especially beautiful place. It’s open from 10 am to 8 pm. Let’s hope for sunshine.

Now back to the award. With the honour comes the revealing of some secrets (they are not secrets at all).

Favourite animal: Cats

Favourite country: I haven’t seen many so far so I don’t know what’s out there. Nevertheless, it’s Canada, of which I have only travelled through the Maritimes.

Favourite number: 7

Favourite flower: Sunflower

Favourite day of the week: Saturday

Favourite non-alcoholic beverage: Hot chocolate, and if I am thursty, it’s water.

Favourite pattern: Socks

My passion: My home, Oberheimen

Getting or Giving: Giving.

Social media: Best part is blogging and Instagram, becauser there is a creative aspect in them. But I like Facebook because I can see what „my“ people are doing and I can stay in contact with them even if they are far away. I’m on twitter but …

Last but not least: I have to pass on the award to 10 people. I’m not going to succeed in this task. My blogroll is not that long and many of my favourite blog writers have already been nominated for awards or don’t like it expicitly. I want to nominate

Lorinda at Go and Do, because she shows me what wonderful vegetables I could grow in my little garden if I had more time. I like her „Thankful Thursday – Friday edition“. And she is an admirer of Laura Ingalls.

Louise at Gepart 836, because I like her style of writing and her projects. I’ve been in Maryland, where she lives, for one lovely afternoon almost three years ago, that I will never forget.

Vivian of Bits and Pieces, because she has 74 posts about pugs (my neighbours‘ pug, Elmo, is the best dog ever, which I would not have dared think until I met him). I’ve written about him twice.

That’s it from my side. I wish you all a summer full of sunshine and marigolds.

Um es ganz kurz zu machen. Ich habe eine Sonnenschein Auszeichnung bekommen, und zwar von Nathalie von Marigolds‘ Loft. Vielen Dank Natalie. Marigolds sind übrigens Ringelblumen, deshalb das Bild am Anfang. Mein Garten wird dieses Jahr voll davon sein, so dass ich ein Rezept für eine Ringelblumensalbe bekomm, um sie nicht nur voller Freude anschauen zu können, sondern auch ihre Heilstoffe zu nutzen.

Zusammen mit der Auszeichnung kommen zwei Verpflichtungen, denen ich nur teilweise nachkomme. Was meine veschiedenen Lieblins- sind, ist, so glaube ich zumindest, gut verständlich. Dann nominiere ich nur drei statt der verlangten 10 Blogs, denn viele sind schon beehrt worden oder wünschen ausdrücklich nicht geehrt zu werden.

Allen wünsche ich einen Sommer voller Sonnenschein und Ringelblumen.


  1. Thank you. I think you’re pretty Sunshiny yourself. I hope that the sunshines the whole rest of the week. I also hope that your students will pull themselves together enough to finish well. Teaching is very hard work.

Kommentare sind das Salz in der Suppe. Your comment makes me happy. :-)

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