Happy Weekend – Schönes Wochenende


Es ist zwar schon ein paar Tage recht kühl, aber ich habe bis heute, 1. September gewartet, bis ich das erste Feuer der Saison angezündet habe. Obwohl heizen Arbeit bedeutet, ist sie mir nie zu viel. Unsere Heizung ist etwas vom Besten in diesem Haus. Ab jetzt gibts auch wieder leckere Speisen auf dem Holzherd zubereitet.

Ein gemütliches Wochenende!

It has been cooler for a few days, but I’ve waited until today, September 1, to make the first fire of the season. Although making fire to get a cosy house during fall, winter and spring means a lot of work, I never mind doing it. The central heating is one of the best things in our house. From now on we will also enjoy delicious meals cooked on the wood stove.

Have a nice and cosy weekend!

This post is linked to „a favourite Thing“ at Mockingbird Hill Cottage.


  1. Wow, it sounds so lovely, cooler weather and a flickering fire to prop your feet up by. I hope that you have a nice weekend too.

    Monday we’re expecting it to feel like 100*F (38*C). I’ll trade you for a day or two.

  2. How lovely to have a wood stove for heat and cooking in addition to central heating. I find watching a fireplace very relaxing and I think a wood stove would give a similar feeling.
    Thanks for visiting my post too.

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