I haven’t still …, except … – Noch immer nicht, ausser …


It’s been a while since I decided to stop spending money just for fun. And I have been quite successful. There is not much I have to confess. However, I’m breaking my promise again right now because I can’t think of a matching colour for my baby blanket others than white.

Things I bought:

two metal rings and two karabiner hooks for a project I have in mind (Swiss francs 10.80)

train tickets (first class, what a luxury) for my boys when we went to a family gathering in Schaffhausen. We could have taken the car but going by train is a pleasure (Swiss francs 110.00).

a coke in the restaurant after the French class on Tuesday (Swiss francs 4.00)

Things I’m going to buy:

2 balls of white yarn, 1.50 each in Coop City, Wil.

Things I did not buy:

fixed/changed the lamp (not the bulb) in the bathroom (Swiss francs 60.00)

brought pears and apples from the orchard to school (Swiss francs 7.00)

I did not buy a new woolen sweater in nice colours although I am so tired of the brown one I bought in Montreal two years ago. I was tempted, and it now feels like a victory. 🙂

I haven’t been to the thrift store since my experiment started.


    • Good idea!

      I just remembered that I have sewn sweaters in a box (they were not sold last winter in the store). Why not take one or two out of the box?

      I’m wearing the brown now, but it’s almost to warm because I made a fire. 🙂

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