My Favourite Day of The Week – Mein Lieblingstag


Today is:

start of fall break

a sunny day

my favourite day of the week


Today inclueds all my favourites: Sunshine, start of a wonderful time with (almost) no obligations and an (almost) empty schedule and  my favourite weekday. Furthermore, it’s a a favourite thing Saturday at Mocking Bird Hill Cottage. Join the party. 🙂

Sitting in the store crocheting I was misusing this nice foxy bowl as a yarn holder. Then I thought it was also suitable to hold the little paper slips with the name of those who are anticipating a bar of chocolate.

The winners are: Sue of Mrs. Micawber’s, Esther, Dottie and Lorinda of all8garden. Please, send me your postal addresses and you will have mail soon. 🙂 Congratulations.

And for all my German readers: This is a Bildergeschichte. I’m on vacation and too lazy to translate.



  1. What a cute little foxy dish… and you’re using it so wisely! I can see why it would be one of your favorite things … I’m visiting from Claudia’s party „:o)

  2. Hallo Regula
    You made my day!
    Danke vielmals! Ich habe Dir via FB Nachrichten meine Anschrift geschrieben.
    Freu mich schon und mein Büsiprojekt nimmt auch langsam in meinen Gedanken Gestalt an.
    Liebe Grüsse und ein erholsames, kreatives Wochenende

  3. What a cute dish. A foxy dish? Or a dishy fox? 🙂

    But wait – I must have skipped over the winning names….

    Hooray! Chocolate! This IS the best day of the week. Thank you so much. 🙂

  4. What a wonderful day! AND chocolate to boot. Thank you, Regula. It couldn’t be much better than this. I hope your day was as nice and as relaxing as you could wish. Have a great weekend.

  5. Regula, thanks so much for stopping by my place today. Wow! You’re all the way over in Germany! I love it that you write in both English and German. That is quite a feat!

  6. Regula,
    I am so excited to have connected with your blog via your comment on mine! My maiden name is Lichtenberg and we are from Lichtenberg, Germany. In fact, we had our own Octoberfest last night while my youngest was home from college. Even did a few polkas! I like that you post in Germna and English. It will help me brish up on my limited German vocabulary! Love your blog!
    Auf Wiedersehen!

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