My Moment – Mein Moment


I had my moment yesterday morning when I finally finished Flurina’s sweater. You can see it here. I imagine her wearing the brown/taupe sweater together with a striped long sleeved t-shirt in various colours: clear blue, lime, yellow, pink, white, purple. However, I have to ask her mother if the girl has such a t-shirt at all. Anyway, I couldn’t wait until today (fo-Friday) to show it off. What to show instead? Of course, my doily lamp shade. After I had found the suitable doily, the lamp got its underskirt (I’m referring to the story here) in no time. I cut a little whole into the middle and pulled it over the boring glass shade, which is quite old and came with the house. 🙂

Do you think there is too much crochet/lace in my kitchen?

fo-Fridays at Tami’s today. 🙂



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