Elmo — Best Dog Ever


Today I’d like to introduce my special friend. Sadly, I haven’t seen him for a while. Elmo is my favourite dog. Some of you may know him already because I knitted him a sweater in June.

I have to admit that Elmo looks quite ugly with his flat face if I am honest. However, he might be the beauty king amongst all pugs. Does he have a nose? At least you can hear him breath. Furthermore, he can bark, but this makes him sound more than a crow than a dog, very croaky, not intimidating at all. Elmo is very vivid, never has a quite moment. He runs around his owners runs from here to there on his short legs. He likes to play with mud and stinky things. He makes me laugh whenever I see him. And last but not least, I am not affraid of him. Her is our neighbours‘ dog.

I’m linking with A Favourite Thing Saturday. Thank you for visiting me and Elmo. Thank you for all the nice comments last Saturday. Have a great weekend!

xx Regula




  1. I think he’d be one of my favourite things too! I remember him from the sweater post, so cute!

    Are you sometimes afraid of dogs Regula, only you say you’re not afraid of Elmo? A couple of our whippets are, well have been, PAT dogs – that’s Pets as Therapy – and they are the gentlest animals. They can be noisy but it’s like a small child’s excitement and they know just when to be quiet. I think you need to cuddle a whippet … they are my most favourite dogs of all!

    • You whippest must be very nice dogs. If I ever happen to have a dog, it will be a whippet or a pug or maybe a small poodle. A colleague at school has one and brings him to school sometimes. The dogs sleeps in his basket while the students are learning. He isn’t a therapie dog but has a therapeutic effect anyway. Have a nice day!

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