There is a store in Halifax, Nova Scotia, called Black Market, that has losts of textiles, wood work, spices, tea boxes, home decor, dishes and jewelry from all over the world. Writing this, I feel that I have to go back to Halifax sooner than later. Hopefully, the store’s still there.

I bought a bag there years ago that has the perfect size and shape for my needs. Now that the colours are a bit faded I’m thinking of sewing exactely the same, of course with different fabric. I also bought a lovely pair of earrings there. They are my very favourites, and a felt bad when I lost one last spring. However, one day the lost earring was found. How happy I am about having the pair reunited although I only wear one at a time. I’ve never thought that I would have these earrings for years because they costed only 4 dollars.

It’s time to join the party at Mockingbird Hill Cottage.



  1. Isn’t it wonderful when something lost is found? That happens to me, too. I think something is lost forever and then a few months later I find it. Those are beautiful earrings, my friend!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  2. I have a ring, that I bought on Elba Island, which cost 7€, and looks exactly like these earings, even down to the little swirl in the middle!
    My cousin lives in Halifax, NS, is’nt it a lovely place.

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