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As some of you have shared things their grandmothers had made, I was thinking a lot about my granny and the beautiful items she had made. Was it possible that I didn’t have one little piece? She had made lovely dresses for my and my sister’s dolls, knitted and sewed ones. She had made me a rug I had had in my dorm in college. However, I could not find anything in my house. Then, this very morning, while dusting the counter in the kitchen, ta-dah! I saw the place mat my granny had made for me. They are 100 percent linnen with hand sewn hems but very plain. Their colour is mustard or honey depening on the light. I’m happy that I finally found a self- and handmade reminder of my grandmother.

Last week I talked about family trees in class and had drawn one of my family to show and explain to the students. I had a few photographs with me to make the explanation more personal. The picture of the old man laying on the sofa is my grandfather. Because he died early (in fall 1962, when I was about half a year old), I can’t remember him. The litte person on his belly is me. It’s pretty obvious why this picture is one of my favourites. The second picture shows my grandmother as I remember her. She died in June 1990.

That’s it for today’s

A Favorite Thing Saturday

at Claudia’s in New Jersey.


  1. How wonderful is to remember granparents and loved ones that are now with us anymore… I’m away from my grandma now and it’s a blessing when I can speak with her on the phone… I miss huging her.
    Nice photos of your Grandparents!

  2. I’m so happy you found something made by your grandmother, Regula! It’s lovely. And the photos of your grandparents are so touching. My paternal grandparents died before I was born, so I never knew them. But I have a lot of photos of my maternal grandparents.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  3. That is a lovely little linen place mat. So sweet how it is stitched in a pattern of „x“ and „-„. The photos of your grandparents are lovely. My paternal grandfather died before I was born and my maternal grandfather died when I was about 2. The only photo I have with him is when he was in the hospital before he died — he’s in a wheelchair and I am sitting on his lap. I have no memories of him at all, only that one photo of us together. Hope you’ve had a lovely day. Tammy

  4. Lovely Regula! I also love having the reminders of past generations. I also did not know my grandfather – he died when mum was 9. Always felt connected to him never-the-less. Gran died back in 2003 very suddenly – I still cry for her but have memories and pictures to carry me through. Blessings to you my friend,

  5. So lovely to have a reminder of your grandmother and grandfather, My grandmother was not a crafstwoman and never made anything as far as I know and couldn’t boil an egg! But I do have photos – not many – and some plates she used to have on her wall.

    All of my things have memories for me which is why I am so happy looking round me at things other people might call clutter…

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