Two At A Time



I’m doing it. Yes, I’m actually knitting a pair of toe-up socks and I’m knitting two at a time. Why not try something new, I thought. However, I am honest with you. I’ll probabely never do a second pair like this. I’v neither had the problem of getting only one sock done nor one smaller than the other. If I feel like a new pair of socks, it’s done in one week the longest. Just give me a yarn I love and I knit away.


When I started these toe-ups, I was a bit frustrated because I spent most of the time untangling the curly circular needle and the yarn, looking for the right yarn and pulling the stitches onto the metal part of the circular needle. I strongly recommend buying good if not the best tools. My circular needle came with a kit and is cheap. Now I am happy with a new one, however, it is only 80 cm long, the longest they had in the store and therefore still not perfect. I might go shopping again …


I don’t know what I thought when I bought the yarn a while ago. The colour is rather dull. I decided to make the socks for my son. He is looking forward to having warm feet. What is is with these young men anyway? They don’t have warm socks (hey, it’s winter!) and they don’t have appropriate shoes (there is snow and ice outside) …

Thanks to good advice I know which heels I’m making. I haven’t figured out whether I have to knit the two heels seperately on straight needles.



  1. Starting a new project seems to take a bit of time to establish a rhythm. Looks like you are on your way now. Circs can be a problem, can’t they? Hope it’s smooth going now!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ve had yours on RSS feed for a while and always enjoy your posts.


  2. Thank you for the honest response to TAAT. Everyone I know who knits socks says that they love TAAT and that it’s so easy – but, I’ve always wondered about the tangling and knowing which yarn is which. I’ve had enough trouble making jogless stripes on hats let alone a pair of socks.

  3. Oh I know what you mean about the needles. I tend to pull the first stitch really tight so there is no ladder between the needles, but it can make it tricky to get over the ‚bump‘ between cable and needle. I’m trying a new needle for my new socks actually.

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