Never a Hippie


I grew up in the sixties and seventies. What a wonderful time. I never was a hippie because I was too young but I remember that my mother went to see the musical Hair. What’s more, my neighbour, some years older than me, was a hippie. He had a VW bus and a lot of girl friends he would take on holidays in his bus. The girls had long hair, long skirts and colourful dresses and shoes with thick soles. I heard them laugh and wanted to be one of them.

A few years ago I read the book „Drop City“ by T. C. Boyle. I enjoyed the story from the beginning. The author describes a hippie community in California that has to leave and moves to Alaska. Nobody wants to do chores excpet a few. Some work in the kitchen and prepare meals for all; the women. The men sleep and talk. Last but not least there were the drugs. It came as a shock and  I instantly knew that I never woud have been a hippie.

But still I like the idea of peace and freedom. I know that my favourite singer Joe Cocker was in Woodstock (I never would have been there either, because can’t stand crowds. And then the dirt, the drugs …). I like the missmatched and colourful clothes the painted cars.


Some of you know my beloved Fiat Panda already. I’m sewing sweaters and cardigans, hats and such inspired by Katwise because I love her style.



These are two projects (photgraphs found on facebook) I want to make/copy. I don’t have a pattern so they will look different I’m sure. Hopefully, it’s too warm for the woolen cardigan soon why I ordered the material for the lighter garment.

I’m linking with a favourite Saturday at Mockingbird Hill Cottage.


If you want have a look at lovely decoration you won’t be disapointed.

Happy Weekend!


  1. I grew up at the tail end of that hippie generation. No, I never lived in a commune or did drugs of any sort. But I had a couple of the long dresses, and my hair was practically to my waist. I think there were some admirable qualities, like wanting peace, and feeling like there were a lot of silly rules that needed to be broken. I hope the positive from that time outweighs the negatives, and that future generations learned from the mistakes.

    • The world needed the hippies then, and it would be time for a second round (without the mistakes of course). 🙂

  2. Ach ich liebe dieses „Flower Power“! Dein Auto damals ist echt der Hit. Ich bin schon total gespannt, wie Deine Häkelwerke aussehen werden! Die beiden Vorlagen sind jedenfalls klasse, besonders von dem Shirt auf dem Bügel bin ich hin und weg ♥

  3. I was born in 1953 – graduated from HS in 1971 and was smack dab in the Hippie culture. I did not do drugs- but did enjoy my wine!! I love your car and love the colors you used in your cape!

  4. I grew up in the fifties and sixties and was a flower child. I have lots of fond memories of the time and very much miss the social activism of those days. I think most people have a soft spot for their own era, that encompassed their teenage years. Love your car, it’s lots of fun and very reminiscent of the sixties.

    Happy weekend!

  5. I can definitely relate. I was just old enough to see the bright side of hippiedom and still love flower power colors and styles because of that. I think it was a fun time to grow up. Nice post– and a wonderful sweater!

  6. I wasn’t a hippie but I sort of dressed like one! I live rather near the site of Woodstock, Regula. There are still a lot of tie-dyed shirts being sold in the shops there. When I was younger, I had long hair parted down the middle, big bell bottom pants, and big hoop earrings!

    I love that first piece of clothing, Regula. I’d love to make something like that. Where did you find the pattern?

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


    • Hello Claudia

      I don’t have a pattern. I’m going to make it just from looking at the picture. But once done I might write a pattern and share it. 🙂 Firstly I want to finish the white blanket but then start the sweater.

  7. I was born in 1962 like you were, and as a very little kid, loved what I thought was the idea of the hippie culture — the music and the the „flower power.“ It was sad and disappointing to learn about the underside of it all. Must have been a very confusing time to be a young adult, actually. But they had some great clothes!

  8. I grew up during that time too. I still love the music ,the clothes and the freedom. I was once a girl during that time with dark hair to my waist, wearing long skirts to the ground, with ribbons blowing in the wind and a baby on my hip. Smiles. Dottie

  9. Ich kann mich meiner Vorrednerin einmal komplett anschließen:-D Ich war zu dem immer streng reglementiert von meinen Eltern, was man alles nicht darf… So habe ich meine bunte Seite eigentlich erst in den letzten Jahren gefunden (meine Kinder finden uns (mich) flippiger als sich selbst inzwischen). Aber nichts desto trotz liebe ich noch immer diesen hippen (bunten) Kleiderstil und manchmal lebe ich ihn auch aus. Hab ein schönes Wochenende (und bald ein paar freie Tage?) Liebe Grüße. Sabine.

  10. I was born in 1964, so I was a bit young to experience all that hippy stuff, but I love flowing skirts and shawls and Peace in every form. But I am like you, not a fan of drugs I hate to lose control. So I guess the 80’s with big hair and shoulder pads were more my thing growing up, not my thing at all now though!
    Hugs to you Regula,

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