5 – 3 – 8 – 3 – 2 – 18


This is a post about a lot of „likes“, „loves“ even. And all the „likes“ and „loves“ together count as „a favourite“, don’t you think?

In case you’ve missed my latest post: Well, I do love my feet. If I may say so.

I like using up the yarn I’ve bought.

I love doing things twice.

I love red.

I love knitting.

I like raglan because it makes a lovely shape.

I like having an easy project on the needles because

I love watching a movie while knitting or the other way round.


When I bought yarn for the red baby cardigan I asked for 3 balls. The lovely lady told me I shoud buy 6 balls. So I did. Now I can knit a second baby cardigan. Due to all the likes above, I’m making a second one with slight modifications and I am counting 5 (for the front edge, 3 – 8 – 3 for the cable, 2 for the stitches between the decreases of the raglan. And so on, and so on. As the pattern of this cardigan is quite simple, I don’t have to count all the time. Well after a few rows, it’s obvious when to knit and when to purl and when to do an increase.


Easy peasy, I love it!

I love spring, warmer weather and the yellow of the daffodils.

Lat but not least: I love getting lovely comments on my posts. Thank you! You’ve been very kind to me lately.

Happy weekend! And happy „Favourite-Thing-Saturday„. Feel free to join the party at Claudia’s.




  1. Ein entzückendes Jäckchen, superschnell gestrickt.
    Deine „Hallo-Frühling-Socken“ finde ich auch gut. Für
    mich würde ich nur Zehen- und Fersensocken stricken,
    weil die Partien am Fuß immer frieren.

  2. Oh, I love this sweet sweater, Regula! You are very talented, my friend. I knit, but do you know, I’ve never tried cables? Silly, isn’t it?

    Thanks so much for joining in this week, my friend.


  3. Love the little sweater. It reminds me of my first attempt at knitting…a baby sweater and the color was red. A very simple pattern that I made over and over again. Your’s is much more complicated.

  4. I wish I could knit like you … almost without thinking. You are so talented!

    P.S. Very well-written post. I wish I could write in another language as well as you write in English. 🙂

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