Zu Ehren des schönen Wetters – Honouring The Beautiful Weather



Last weekend I was reminded of a lovely day at the Thur along ago (Easter Monday in April 2002). Watch my 11 years younger self with my little boys Linus and David building Steinmannli. It was a wonderful day that ended with sun burn and barbequed jeans (Linus put them on the grill to dry after falling into the cold water). No picture of the jeans unfortunately. 😉

Am letzten Wochenende brachte Sonja Erinnerungen an einen Ausflug an die Thur zurück (Ostermontag im April 2002). Hier mein 11 Jahre jüngeres Selbst mit Linus und David als kleine Buben. Es war ein wunderbarer Tag, der mit Sonnenbrant und gegriller Hose (zum Trocknen übers Feuer gelegt) endete. Leider gibts keine Photo von den Hosen.




I was thinking that I would share these photographs honouring the beautiful weather today. 

I habe gedacht, ich zeige euch die Bilder zu Ehren des wunderschönen Wetters heute.


I’m linking with A Favourite Thing Saturday.


    • Good morning Dottie

      Thank you for stopping by. Actually, I was in very bad shape that time (my baby boy had just died a couple of month ago (SIDS)), but it was a wonderful day, which reminds us that after sadness there is happiness. Have a good week. Regula

  1. They aren’t children anymore but beautiful nontheless. Thank you! The place is great for barbecues (if there isn’t much water). It’s one of my favourite places to make a bonfire. Have a nice week. Regula

  2. What beautiful children and such a fun day. I love the place that you showed us, too.

    I’m visiting from Claudia’s blog party, and I enjoyed this post very much.


    Sheila 🙂

  3. I’ve always admired these stone sculptures and wondered how they were accomplished. Thank you for the wonderful post!

    Visiting from A Favorite Thing Saturday.

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