Bernina: Red and White



I’m very happy that I found some time to have a bit of textiles between my fingers this afternoon. I don’t mind that it was work I had to do. The little piles of fabric are supposed to be decoration. Red and white is matching the Logo of Bernina sewing machines.

Bernina sewing machines will be a part of our store soon, and of course, need advertising.



Now the little piles are tied together with a handmade cord and ready for display in the window.



Actiually, we are moving into a bigger location these days. Presenta Aurea is located at a lovely street with little shops and a bistro.  You can see two town houses of Bischofszell mirroring in the window. I can’t wait to open the store to customers on Tuesday.

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  1. I love your little patches of red checks. Best of luck with opening your store.

    I am dropping by from Claudia’s blog and am wishing you a wonderful weekend!



  2. The storefront looks very bright and fresh — it would definitely draw me into the shop! I recently received my mother-in-law’s Bernina — I think she bought it in Germany in the 70s and it’s still sewing strong!

    • Berninas are the best! I leared to sew on a a Bernina without electricity. It was awful and made me cry. But luckily after the summer break there were all new ones. And I was able to sew straight seams. 🙂

  3. Liebe Regula,
    alles Gute wünsch ich Dir beim Neustart, Dein Schaufenster ist wunderschön und die Päckchen auch.
    Herzliche Grüße, Nina

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