A Partner for Santa



The weather has been more than depressive the whole spring. A lot of hot chocolate has been needed to warm up body and soul. I’m in a mood like in November, you know the grey, foggy and rainy days before December when Santa is just around the corner. And here he was sitting amongst other mugs in my favourite thrift store last week. I could not resist taking him home to meet his partner I spent many hot chocolate moments last December. Today, an other grey and rainy day, I filled both Santas up with a hot Ovomaltine, one for my husband, one for me.

Than I found another great thing yesterday that I couldn’t resist buying as I have been in love with baskets my whole life. And this one is the most beautiful one: The rods are strong, none of them loose, the whole basket is as tight as it could be and its shape is perfectly round. It’s so big it doesn’t find place on a photograph. It will hold (half of) my yarn stash. 😉


Happy Saturday! If you want to join the party, here is the link to Mockingbird Hill Cottage where others share their favourite things.


    • Der Korb ist so gross, er hat gar keinen Platz in unserem kleinen Haus. Ich muss ihn wohl in den Laden nehmen und verkaufen. 😉

  1. Ach herrlich, diese Santa-Tassen! Ich liebe so Weihnachtskram :D. Das Wetter ist wirklich nach November, hier auch! Der Korb ist wunderschön. Wie muß er erst aussehen voll mit Wolle! ♥ Da gerät man ins Schwärmen :D. Ich wünsch Dir einen gemütlichen Sonntag!

  2. Love the Santa mugs and the thought of hot chocolate is divine. I have been working year long on Christmas, something I have never done before. Your basket is awesome. I know you have alot of wonderful yarn to fill it.

  3. I got such a kick out of seeing your cocoa – Ovomaltine! We have one called Ovaltine here 🙂 I adore hot chocolate (chocolate, period!) and quite often have some late morning as a treat, even though I am in Los Angeles. Great basket! I’m on the hunt for one for my embroidery and haven’t found one yet.
    Happy weekend, hope the grey skies lift!

    • I think it’s called Ovaltine at your place. I had an old aunt who, was living in the States for many years. She always said Ovaldine, which my sister and me found very strange. However, I remember my mother telling us that Ovaltine was the name of Ovomaltine in America. Have a nice weekend and thanks for stopping by. Regula

  4. Ich bin ein Tassenfan, aber der Korb ist noch besser. Körbe finde ich auch faszinierend. Man kann bloß nicht so viele benutzen, wie man gerne möchte …. 😉 Schön, dass du schon weißt, wofür du ihn brauchst. Dir auch ein schönes Wochenende. Sabine.

    • Die Tassen verschwinden jetzt grad wieder im Schrank. Wir wollen doch den Frühoing/Sommer nicht abschrecken. Vielleicht kommt er ja doch noch. Irgendwann. Schönes Wochenende!

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