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Beim Stricker – At the Ropemaker’s


My last name is Bartholdi Stricker, and I like to knit. But Stricker (stricken means to knit) has nothing to do with knitting but everything with rope making.

Mein Nachname lautet Bartholdi Stricker, und ich stricke fürs Leben gerne. Nur hat Stricker nicht wirklich was mit Stricken zu tun, sondern mit Stricke Machen, also Seiler.


Today we visite Mystic Seaport, which is an outdoor museum at the ocean. You can dive into a village in the 19th century, peek into houses that had beautiful iron stoves, offices and ships. We watched a blacksmith, a printer and a cooper at work. There was also a very long building which made me curious.

Heute machten wir einen Ausflug nach Mystic, ein alter Seehafen, der ein Freiluftmuseum ist. Hier kann man in ein Dorf aus dem 19. Jahrhundert eintauchen, in gemütliche Küchen und Wohnzimmer alter Häuser gucken, Werkstätten anschauen und den Handwerken beim Arbeiten über die Schulter gucken. Wir haben einem Drucker beim Schriftsetzen zugeschaut. Ein Küfer berichtete über das Material, das er für seine Fässer verwendet, und eine Schmiedin machte Eisen glühend und klopfte es auf dem Amboss in From. Dann gab es da ein langes Gebäude, das mich gwunderig machte.


Do you want to come in too? Yes? – Whenever I see fibres my heart beat goes a bit quicker. So I still feel very good with the name Stricker. It is very appropriate. However, I don’t know how my husband feels with his name. He is not a crafty man at all.

Komm mit und schau, was sich drinnen befindet. – Wann immer ich nämlich Fasern sehe, beginnt mein Textilerinnenherz schneller zu schlagen. Stricker ist also doch ein angemessener Name für mich. 🙂 Ich weiss jedoch nicht, ob sich mein Mann mit dem Namen als Berufsbezeichnung identifizieren kann, denn er ist nicht wirklich ein Handwerker.


The building was more than 100 meters long, because when the ropemaker was making the long ropes were made he was going backwards plying the yarn into strands and later into ropes. In the picture you can see the yarn coming from the spools.

Das Gebäude war mehr als 100 Meter lang, denn die langen Seile wurden gefertigt, indem der Seiler rückwärts ging und die Einfachschnüre zu dicken Seilen zusammen drehte. Auf dem Bild kannst du die einzelnen Schnüre sehen.


All ropes were made of hemp, a commonly used term for varieties of the Cannabis plant, until the natural fiber was substituded by polypropylene.

Früher waren alle Seile aus Hanf, ein anderer Begriff für Cannabis, hergestellt, bis das natürliche Material durch Polypropylen eretzt wurde.

Sonntagsspaziergang – Sunday Walk



After a busy week, a lazy Sunday was all I’ve needed today. It started with a wonderful breakfast at Annie’s. The Western Omelet I ordered was enough food for the whole day as was the coffee. I didn’t count how many refills I got.

So ein gemütlicher Sonntag war alles was ich heute brauchte. Der Tag startete zwar mit Regen, aber als wir fürs Morgenessen in die Stadt pedalten, war es schon trocken. Das Western Omelett, das ich bestellte, reichte für den ganzen Tag. Auch Kaffee gab es in Hülle und Fülle. Ich weiss nicht, wie oft die Tasse nachgefüllt wurde.

In the afternoon the sun came out. Time to go for a little walk around the campus. I was looking for flowers. There are a lot of blue hydrangeas, but I found one that is about to turn into pink.

Am Nachmittag kam dann die Sonne hervor. Es war also höchste Zeit für einen kleinen Rundgang durchs Universitätsgelände. Mein Focus war auf Blumen gerichtet. Hier gibt es ganz viele und äusserst üppige Hortensien. Die meisten sind blau, aber einige ändern die Farbe zu pink.


Near Wakehurst Café there is a rose garden. Most of the roses seem a bit tired though. However, two or three are still blooming,

Direkt neben dem Wakehurst Café gibts einen Rosengarten. Zwar sehen die Rosen ein bisschen müde aus, aber zwei oder drei blühen immer noch.


So then, I am about to go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day, that brings new adventures.

Sodeli, Zeit fürs Bett. Morgen ist ein neuer Tag mit neuen Abenteuern.

Sweet dreams!

Where Has My Passion Led Me?


Today is the day, I want to show you my individual project, that is still under construction so to speak. It alsways seemes to be wonderful to do anything you want, to have all the possibilities, doesn’t it? But in fact, it’s a very demanding task. Where do I start?

I’v learnt something about myself when it comes to individual projects over the years. I’m not a person who focuses on theories. I love to work by hand, and I love things that can be used and touched and that don’t have an expiration date.

Let’s  see where my passion has led me.


I ended up with cook books from the library and a used book store. I was given a booklet called „The Seventeenth Century Cook Book“ from the gift shop at Plimouth Plantations and a collection of recipes of Newports B&Bs. Furthermore I’ve gotten people’s family recipes. My colleagues have been a big help. Thank you all so much!

Next Friday, I’m going to proudly present my collection of recipes that are related to the Continuing Education Program at Salve Regina University in any way.

Now on to the next probem that needs to be solved.

How am I going to do the presentation?

I don’t know exactely how long the presentation should be. But I think longer than it takes to show the book around. And I also might to be supposed to say at least e few sentences that are meaningful, don’t you think? Maybe I ccould place a joke or a little story. People are always interested to hear something personal.



It has been a long way from the first settlers‘ plain hearth (in fact the one on the picture above is quite elaborate) to the microwave (I must tell that I personally don’t like the miccrowave oven but my family uses it often to make pop corn).



From handmade tin and cupper pans to chrome nickel steel high-tech beauties.



From useful wooden tools to all kinds of (unnecessary) kitchen helpers.


Anyway, cooking and baking has always had a very basic purpose. We all need food to stay sound and strong , and we like to eat (Here I would like to add: Getting something to eat has been very easy here thanks to a very well organized course.  I never ever was stressed out because I feared there would be no food before the blood sugar would be way too low and would get cranky and unhappy). Cooking and baking has been fun too, I am sure. Collecting and sharing recipes has always been a port of the whole experience.

Kochen auf Holzherd

This is my kitchen. The ones who have been following me for a while know that I love to cook on the wood stove (can’t wait until the summer is over and I can light a fire again). However, I truth to be told; life is much easier with a modern oven to bake a cake, for example: The Best Ever Lemon Pie from the Salve Regina Cook Book, 1954)


Other mouth-watering recipes: Omelet with Apples (The Seventienth Century Cook Book), Daffodil Cake (Salve Regina Cook Book), Bean Soup (The Heart of the Home), Dutch Pancakes (Favorite Recipe of Newport Bed & Breakfasts), An Impossible Cake (Silvia Rutschmann), Stuffed Pigeons and other small Fowl (The Seventeenth Century Cook Book), ect.

I’m linking up with A Favorite Thing Saturday at Claudia’s.

Happy Weekend!

Abraham Lincoln and Moby Dick versus Leisure and Pleasure



I enjoy going to school in the morning, having lunch in the cafeteria and going back to serious business in the afternoon, like going to the library, working for my individual projekt, having a third lecture. I’m a very happy student.

But I also enjoy riding „my“ bike, visiting thrift stores, looking for books and going out with friends. I haven’t laught that much for a long time.

I’m also glad to have a quiet room for myself, where I can have my little world of peace and quiet, where I can read at night as long as I want to, get up as early as I like to, where I can write and sometimes crochet.


Yes, I finished (up) the white yarn, which might count for a finished object although I’m going to crochet a border when I am home. Anyway, the shawlette looks pretty already. I’ve hung it onto the fence to give you a view of the vast meadow next to Wallace Hall, my vacation home for three weeks. The shawl looks nice on the table together with a healthy snack and a book I found in St. Paul’s Thrift store on Broadway, Newport.



Happy fo-Friday to everybody!

Join the party at Tami’s Amis and pay some visits.

It’s Wednesday



…, which means there is time for the individual project, which of course is not as free as it sounds. So don’t be misslead because of the picture above.

Our schedule is full to the brim. But as I like to be a student (you now just sitting there, listening, and others in front of you do all the work), I’m looking forward to the lectures. We are making field trips as well. Last week we went to Plimouth Plantation to enjoy „living history“. There you can walk through a Wampanoag homesite and a 17th century village, where you can talk to people who live there and tell you about their lives. On Friday we are going into Boston, next week to Mystic Seaport.

Althouhg we have a tight schedule, I feel very indipendent. I’ve never enjoyed driving a bike much in the last 2o years because it’s so hilly where I live. Biking is so exhausting. But here it’s quite different. At least the campus is a wonderful place to bike around. It takes about 8 minutes to go to the shopping center and 7 minutes to the yarns store down to Thames Street. Because I’ve been on the bike each day since Monday last week, it even took me only 8 minutes to come back to Wallace Hall after the yarn shopping although it is quite steep up here.


What will I do with all the long hours of the afternoon? Well, there is the individual project I can show you soon. Secondly, I have almost used up the white cotton yarn for my South Bay Shawlette. However, I can’t finish the project because I want to knit a border with the same yarn, of which I have more back home.


Therefore yarn shopping yesterday was a necessity. I’m sure I will find the time to look for a project with the orange yarn on Ravelry (thirdly).The afternoon hours will be over in no time.

If you want to see what others are doing, joint the party at Tami’s.


In the Cross Hairs


On Saturday I was on a hunting trip together with five other well equipped people. The equipment did not include a gun. The aim was not an animal of any kind, so don’t be affraid that I had gone through a change of mind. No, I compare hunting with shopping. Do you think this is far-fetched? Let me tell you my thoughts about it.

In the early days of mankind hunting wasn’t only for food, there were other valuable things to gain, like bones for tools, teeth for jewelry, skins and rawhide and sinews for clothing and housing. What we aimed for yesterday was the same. Maybe the food part was little (I had a tuna sandwich and a coffee) and only supposed to keep us going through the adventure, which still excites us and makes our blood flow a little quicker when the target comes into the cross hairs.

Whereas in the early day you needed arrow or a gun, nets and harpuns, human beings of these days carry money or credit cards. So make sure you have those essential things with you when you leave the house. The knowledg of hunging certainly has changed but we still need to know a few things about the procedure.

We didn’t ride on horse backs but rented a car to bring us to the foraging grounds, called Wretham Village, where we would go for the prey and pounce at it. The season couldn’t have been better and the prey was plentiful.


In fact, the hunting had been very sucessful and satisfying. It also brought us together as a group comparable to a tribe. Therefore, we had every reason to celebrate like our forfathers and -mothers. Instead of lightening a big fire, cooking, eating and drinking, we went to a nice little restaurant at Thames Street near Newport center.

After the exhausting experience yesterday, this Sunday is just a realaxing, peaceful and quiet day with time to show off the treasures we brought home. Beacuse we have strong feelings about being individuals, each of us brought home different and specific items that suit our needs. 😉


A Bunch of Tulips



I just came home from a bike ride into town. I’m not quite sure whether the bikers are more affraid of the cars or the cars of the bikers. How would you explain a green light and all the cars waiting until I’ve crossed the crossroads? I was a bit confused and full of fear I might have missed a point.

Anyway, I arrived home safe and sound and with a bunch of tulips, that certainly make my spartan room a bit more attractive and personal. In fact, it’s amazing how big a difference a bunch of flowers makes. 🙂 Remember, I’m still at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island.

As this week’s schedule has been loaded with interesting encounters, meetings and field trips, I hardly found the time to read and crochet, for which I will find the time during the weekend.

Have a good time! 

P.s.I haven’t a finished item to show, but you can visit lots of blogs that show a finished project this Friday at Tami’s party.