The weather has been wonderful for the last days. It has been summer for so many days in a row that I stopped counting them. When I go to bed at night it’s the greatest feeling to know that I’m going to wake up in the sunshine the next day again. It’s not too hot as there has been blowing a cool brise from the east for several days. Oh yes, it’s summer. I’ve thought a lot lately that I am very fortunate to live in this house at this place, where the air is so clear and the surrounding so quiet.

Summer means vacation. That’s why I’m not writing in German today. It’s too much work. 😉


First thing this morning, after my husband brought me a cup of coffee while I was still in bed, I went ouside, enjoied the view and the morning sun and crocheted a few rows of my South Bay Shawlette I started yesterday. I’m using yarn from stash.

South Bay Shawlette

As it is fo-Friday and I actually managed to finish three pairs of recycled baby jeans last weekend, I have to show them off. Aren’t they cute?



stash buster1


  1. Summer is a wonderful time, except when it gets hot and humid as it has been here. I am dreaming of sunny, but cool days. I love those baby jeans, they are adorable.

  2. hallo Regula,
    Deine Häkelarbeit gefällt mir, das Muster ist toll und von der Farbe bin ich sowieso sehr begeistert.

    Euch noch einen schönen Urlaub in dem wunderschönen Häuschen

    hello from Germany

    • Sometimes he does, yes. I told him some time ago that my colleague’s husband brought her coffee in the morning, and he was so impressed that he’s done it since then. 🙂

    • So ein bisschen häkeln, um die dreckigen Hände von der Gartenarbeit entspannen zu lassen. 🙂 Aber ja, plöthlich spingt einem was in die Augen. Da bin ich froh um meine Wollkisten im Estrich.

Kommentare sind das Salz in der Suppe. Your comment makes me happy. :-)

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