In the Cross Hairs


On Saturday I was on a hunting trip together with five other well equipped people. The equipment did not include a gun. The aim was not an animal of any kind, so don’t be affraid that I had gone through a change of mind. No, I compare hunting with shopping. Do you think this is far-fetched? Let me tell you my thoughts about it.

In the early days of mankind hunting wasn’t only for food, there were other valuable things to gain, like bones for tools, teeth for jewelry, skins and rawhide and sinews for clothing and housing. What we aimed for yesterday was the same. Maybe the food part was little (I had a tuna sandwich and a coffee) and only supposed to keep us going through the adventure, which still excites us and makes our blood flow a little quicker when the target comes into the cross hairs.

Whereas in the early day you needed arrow or a gun, nets and harpuns, human beings of these days carry money or credit cards. So make sure you have those essential things with you when you leave the house. The knowledg of hunging certainly has changed but we still need to know a few things about the procedure.

We didn’t ride on horse backs but rented a car to bring us to the foraging grounds, called Wretham Village, where we would go for the prey and pounce at it. The season couldn’t have been better and the prey was plentiful.


In fact, the hunting had been very sucessful and satisfying. It also brought us together as a group comparable to a tribe. Therefore, we had every reason to celebrate like our forfathers and -mothers. Instead of lightening a big fire, cooking, eating and drinking, we went to a nice little restaurant at Thames Street near Newport center.

After the exhausting experience yesterday, this Sunday is just a realaxing, peaceful and quiet day with time to show off the treasures we brought home. Beacuse we have strong feelings about being individuals, each of us brought home different and specific items that suit our needs. 😉



  1. You are so right about this 🙂

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately Regula, I’ve been reading along with your trip to the US though and that campus really does look like the most fascinating place to stay!

  2. Hallo Regula,
    da hast du ja fetteste Beute gemacht!!!!! ;o)
    Vielen Dank für dein Briefchen, ist gut und vollständig angekommen, hat aber auch volle 12 Tage gebraucht!
    Wünsch dir noch einen schönen Aufenthalt in America, schaut eh sehr nett aus wo du da bist – heiß halt…..
    Liebe Grüße,

    • Supi, das schaut nach erfolgreichem Beutezug aus! Für jede heiße Stunde des Tages ein Shirt ;-). Weiterhin viel Spaß!!

    • Hello, hello

      ich habe mich sehr zurückgehalten beim Einkaufen, denn ich wollte noch Platz im Koffer haben für Wolle. Danach habe ich heute gejagt. 🙂 Dann gehen wir ja auch noch nach Bosten, wo ich hoffentlich was nettes von den Bosten Red Socks für meine Männer finden werde. 🙂

Kommentare sind das Salz in der Suppe. Your comment makes me happy. :-)

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