It’s Wednesday



…, which means there is time for the individual project, which of course is not as free as it sounds. So don’t be misslead because of the picture above.

Our schedule is full to the brim. But as I like to be a student (you now just sitting there, listening, and others in front of you do all the work), I’m looking forward to the lectures. We are making field trips as well. Last week we went to Plimouth Plantation to enjoy „living history“. There you can walk through a Wampanoag homesite and a 17th century village, where you can talk to people who live there and tell you about their lives. On Friday we are going into Boston, next week to Mystic Seaport.

Althouhg we have a tight schedule, I feel very indipendent. I’ve never enjoyed driving a bike much in the last 2o years because it’s so hilly where I live. Biking is so exhausting. But here it’s quite different. At least the campus is a wonderful place to bike around. It takes about 8 minutes to go to the shopping center and 7 minutes to the yarns store down to Thames Street. Because I’ve been on the bike each day since Monday last week, it even took me only 8 minutes to come back to Wallace Hall after the yarn shopping although it is quite steep up here.


What will I do with all the long hours of the afternoon? Well, there is the individual project I can show you soon. Secondly, I have almost used up the white cotton yarn for my South Bay Shawlette. However, I can’t finish the project because I want to knit a border with the same yarn, of which I have more back home.


Therefore yarn shopping yesterday was a necessity. I’m sure I will find the time to look for a project with the orange yarn on Ravelry (thirdly).The afternoon hours will be over in no time.

If you want to see what others are doing, joint the party at Tami’s.



  1. I didn’t realize you were studying over here in the states for the summer. Sounds like you hare having a lovely time. The yarn in the first picture is fabulous! I agree crochet is so much easier in the summer. I think it feels like less work.

    • Today it’s quite cool. I’m glad a brought long trousers and woolen socks with me. 🙂 I might do a little knitting in the evening.

  2. Enjoy the rest of your trip – Boston seems like a very nice place to visit (I have never been there myself).

    What would travel be without yarn shops to visit and projects to work on? 🙂

    • We all could just pick up a bike at the rental station of the campus. It’s included. Wonderful. I just came back from a thrift store adventure on Broadway 330 and the book store next door. Another hour of biking. 🙂

  3. Being so close to a wonderful yarn shop must be the perfect thing for you. Even just to go in and be surrounded by the beauty of yarn is a lovely break from all your hard work. I am so glad you are enjoying yourself.
    Hugs to you,

    • Ho yes, I’m enjoying myself immensely. Although today’s history lessons were looooooooooong. Luckily, we had a coffee break. I love American coffee. 🙂

    • Na, it’s too hot to think of fall. 😉 I’m enjoying the heat. Although I feel that fall has its advantages, like knitting the wooly stuff. 🙂

  4. phew! I had a lot of catching up to do!!!! Hope you are having an absolute ball with this summer program!!! still looking for recipes??? (I just posted a couple days ago what is now my favorite scone recipe from a rather famous bakery in the Hampton’s…) Love the orange!!….we’re heading to Kenya in the morning….very little knitting going along (but some!!!)

    • Me too. Orange and green. Blue is my favourite colour, but it doens’t mean I can be a little bit side tracked for a while. Have a good day!

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