Abraham Lincoln and Moby Dick versus Leisure and Pleasure



I enjoy going to school in the morning, having lunch in the cafeteria and going back to serious business in the afternoon, like going to the library, working for my individual projekt, having a third lecture. I’m a very happy student.

But I also enjoy riding „my“ bike, visiting thrift stores, looking for books and going out with friends. I haven’t laught that much for a long time.

I’m also glad to have a quiet room for myself, where I can have my little world of peace and quiet, where I can read at night as long as I want to, get up as early as I like to, where I can write and sometimes crochet.


Yes, I finished (up) the white yarn, which might count for a finished object although I’m going to crochet a border when I am home. Anyway, the shawlette looks pretty already. I’ve hung it onto the fence to give you a view of the vast meadow next to Wallace Hall, my vacation home for three weeks. The shawl looks nice on the table together with a healthy snack and a book I found in St. Paul’s Thrift store on Broadway, Newport.



Happy fo-Friday to everybody!

Join the party at Tami’s Amis and pay some visits.


  1. You sound like you are in Heaven my friend. Classes that are stimulating, time to find new things, reading which I know you love and time to create. But I think the best medicine is time alone, don’t you?
    Hugs to you,

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