Where Has My Passion Led Me?


Today is the day, I want to show you my individual project, that is still under construction so to speak. It alsways seemes to be wonderful to do anything you want, to have all the possibilities, doesn’t it? But in fact, it’s a very demanding task. Where do I start?

I’v learnt something about myself when it comes to individual projects over the years. I’m not a person who focuses on theories. I love to work by hand, and I love things that can be used and touched and that don’t have an expiration date.

Let’s  see where my passion has led me.


I ended up with cook books from the library and a used book store. I was given a booklet called „The Seventeenth Century Cook Book“ from the gift shop at Plimouth Plantations and a collection of recipes of Newports B&Bs. Furthermore I’ve gotten people’s family recipes. My colleagues have been a big help. Thank you all so much!

Next Friday, I’m going to proudly present my collection of recipes that are related to the Continuing Education Program at Salve Regina University in any way.

Now on to the next probem that needs to be solved.

How am I going to do the presentation?

I don’t know exactely how long the presentation should be. But I think longer than it takes to show the book around. And I also might to be supposed to say at least e few sentences that are meaningful, don’t you think? Maybe I ccould place a joke or a little story. People are always interested to hear something personal.



It has been a long way from the first settlers‘ plain hearth (in fact the one on the picture above is quite elaborate) to the microwave (I must tell that I personally don’t like the miccrowave oven but my family uses it often to make pop corn).



From handmade tin and cupper pans to chrome nickel steel high-tech beauties.



From useful wooden tools to all kinds of (unnecessary) kitchen helpers.


Anyway, cooking and baking has always had a very basic purpose. We all need food to stay sound and strong , and we like to eat (Here I would like to add: Getting something to eat has been very easy here thanks to a very well organized course.  I never ever was stressed out because I feared there would be no food before the blood sugar would be way too low and would get cranky and unhappy). Cooking and baking has been fun too, I am sure. Collecting and sharing recipes has always been a port of the whole experience.

Kochen auf Holzherd

This is my kitchen. The ones who have been following me for a while know that I love to cook on the wood stove (can’t wait until the summer is over and I can light a fire again). However, I truth to be told; life is much easier with a modern oven to bake a cake, for example: The Best Ever Lemon Pie from the Salve Regina Cook Book, 1954)


Other mouth-watering recipes: Omelet with Apples (The Seventienth Century Cook Book), Daffodil Cake (Salve Regina Cook Book), Bean Soup (The Heart of the Home), Dutch Pancakes (Favorite Recipe of Newport Bed & Breakfasts), An Impossible Cake (Silvia Rutschmann), Stuffed Pigeons and other small Fowl (The Seventeenth Century Cook Book), ect.

I’m linking up with A Favorite Thing Saturday at Claudia’s.

Happy Weekend!



    • Yes, that’s what I have had in mind. I’ve never done a powerpoint presentation, but I hope it works (as my husband likes to say) intuitively. 😉

  1. I think your presentation should have food for people to sample, something easy that you made from the recipes you found. People love food, you wll be a big hit.
    Hugs and good luck,

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