The More Trivial Aspects of Life



We had a very tight schedule here at Salve Regina full of serious topics of American history and literature. Although the Mayflower’s journey over the ocan was adventures and sucessful in the end, there is a lot of tragedy connoted you have to think about for quite some time. And I would not think of „Moby Dick“ and „Roman Fever“ as typical summer reads, neither would I recommend „Lincoln“ nor „The Great Gatsby“ as a first choice of movies on a summer evening. However, the CE program was more than great. I’ve never enjoyed historey lessons more than during these three weeks. John Quinn and Tim Neary are awarded my favourite history teachers.

Of course we also found time to enjoy life and its more trivial aspects. Yesterday for exemple we had our nails done at Creative Nails on Broadway, Newport. The procedure started with a relaxing foot bath in bubbly water and ended with the difficult question what colour to chose. 🙂


„Are you serious?“ the man asked. „Of course, I am. I’m wearing a green skirt tonight!“

The farewell party was wonderful but who would have expected otherwise. We’ve had a wonderful time.

My heart is full of memories. My suitcase is packed.

I’m waiting to fly home.

See you soon!


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