Montag – Mandala – Monday


MandalaSpälten1Vor noch nicht langer Zeit dachte ich, dass auf den Wiesen immer noch Wachstum zu sehen ist. Die Gräser waren noch grün, und ich hatte den Eindruck, dass sich das eine oder andere Blättchen eben erst entfaltet hatte. Ich fand sogar noch Gänseblümchen. Doch heute sieht alles anders aus. Die Wiesen sind nass und unterm Schnee vergilbt. Müde sehen sie aus und scheinen fürs Montagsmandala nichts hergeben zu wollen. Deshalb hat es mir dieser Holzstapel angetan, der am Waldrand liegt, wo im Sommer Nachbars Schafe grasen.



When I walked through the fields just a couple of weeks ago, I could still see plants growing. Some little leaves seemed to have popped up that instant. But these days nothing is going on. The grass has faded. The first snow, although it has melted away mostly, makes the meadows look pale and tired. There is not much I can use for Monday’s mandala.

Then I come across a pile of logs on a pasture at the edge of the forest where the sheep graze during summer. 


  1. I like this mandala – it shows that you can make beauty with whatever is available!

    How nice that you can see the ground and the grass…. 🙂

    • I’m looking forward to snow …. but there is no sign so far. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Have a good week! Regula

  2. So many fun things happening at your house lately. You make me feel lazy. Those gloves are the cat’s meow. Busy, busy, busy. Hope you were able to get your accounting done without incident and that your husband had a wonderful birthday. Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year and all the best to you and your family, and especially your husband. The accounting is keeping me busy until the books are done. But for now I paid all the bills. 🙂

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