Zen-Doodle and Zen-Tangle



There is this student of mine who does beautiful doodles. When I saw her drawing in class the first time, she tried to hide the piece of paper immediately. But I said: „This is art.“ And she smiled. Me too, by the way.

Last week I had to kill some time in Frauenfeld. So I went to a book store browsing through the shelves. I usually look for novels, dvds and handcraft books. There I was. I had never heard or seen of zentagles before.

At home I did some bing-search and came across zendoodle too. I’m not a friend of too strict rules, and I like colours. Therefore, I tend to doing zen-doodles rather than zen-tangles. But it seems nice to have a collection of different patterns. There are hundreds of drawings to be found in the internet. Here are two links about how to do zendoodles and zentangles. Both are supposed to be maditation.


I’m still trying to find out which pens to use though. I’m starting small.

And I admire my student Ariana’s talent, skills and patience.

I’m linking with I’ve made Friday at Crochet Addict.




  1. I love doodling too! So therapeutic. I am glad you’ve found a new way to express yourself 🙂 You should tell your student she inspired you, it will probably make her day!

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