Chrüücht äs Schnäggli – Slow Like a Snail



Ich nehm’s langsam dieses Wochenende. Was machst du?

Taking it slowly this weekend. How about you?




  1. Very slowly.

    What a beautiful shell on the snail – and how many pretty projects I see on your older posts! Have a good week, Regula. 🙂

  2. Sounds just like something you need. Hope you feel great after the R & R. We’re taking it easy too because it’s rainy and everyone is tired. Just talking and the little girls are wrestling and teasing each other. The boys are napping.

    • Eine Einzimmerwohnung wäre einfacher zu managen als Haus mit Garten. Irgendwann ziehe ich um. 😊

  3. I am taking it slow too,Heading to the beach for a picnic,Mothers Day is Sunday but,we are planning for today.Enjoy your weekend.Nice little snail

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