Determination: I walk Miles for …


While my husband is driving, I’m knitting. Not always, but I have finished the orange Alix prayer shawl with a simple border and a single pompom. 

Amazingly, The yarn lasted to the last stitch with onla a short tail of 5 cm to weave in. Ahhhh. 

I went seven kilometers on foot to buy sock yarn in Kamloops. If I wasn’t as determined, I had given up. Back in the hotel with what seems like a bounty, I was soaked in sweat. I walk miles for yarn, indeed!

„Determination“ is the name of these socks for my father-in-law. I’ve knitted the first on the way from Kamloops to Vancouver and will do the second on the way from Vancouver to Calgary. There I must find a yarn store to start a new project. 😊




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