Mehr von den Katzen – More of The Cats – Spielen mit Prisma



The Sphinx      (Oscar Wilde 1854-1900)

In a dim corner of my room

For longer than my fancy thinks,

A beautiful and silent Sphinx

Has watched me through the shifting gloom.

Inviolate and immobile

She does not rise she does not stir

For silver moons are nought to her

And nought to her the suns that reel.

Red follows grey across the air,

The waves of moonlight ebb and flow

But with the Dawn she does not go

And in the night-time she is there.

Dawn follows Dawn and Nights grow old

And all the while this curious cat

Lies couching on the Chinese mat

With eyes of satin rimmed with gold.

Upon the mat she lies and leers

And on the tawny throat of her

Flutters the soft and fur

Or ripples to her pointed ears.

Come forth my lovely languorous Sphinx!

And put your head upon my knee!

And let me stroke your throat and see

Your body spotted like the Lynx!






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