Handcraft keeps me sane – So bleibe ich gesund – Hopefully



Arbeit am Computer ist nicht gesund für mich. Damit ich wenigstens nicht immer sitze, habe ich mir mit einer Kiste auf dem Tisch einen Stehpult gebastelt.

I’m not the type who likes to work in an office. Therefore homeschooling and I are not the best match. I stand when I work, because I put a box onto my desk. Still working keeps me from getting crazy. 


Die Sonne der vergangenen Wochen hat so gut getan. Ich war doch ab und zu draussen an der frischen Luft. Regenwetter hält mich drinnen.

We had the most beautiful weather for weeks. I was outside a lot and got fresh air every day. Now it has been raining and I’m inside …


Ja, wenn ich meine Handarbeiten nicht hätte. Und Farben!

I’ve always know that handcraft is the best therapy. And colours!


Staying positive is not easy. However, I am trying.


  1. We all need things that keep us sane, and I’m glad you find solace and distraction in your handicrafts. The vest is simply superb! xxx

  2. Oh Regula, your vest turned out beautifully! I thought it was a child size but you must have made it bigger?
    Like you, I need colour in my life. I also need to create things – anything really – and I need to be inspired, usually by people. Sometimes though, I fall into a slump and must work really hard to find the positivity again. Ich schick dir ein herzlichen druck aus Tasmanien xxxxx

    • Danke herzlich! No, I haven’t made the vest bigger. Actually I thought it would turn out smaller and I would have to add rows. xxxx

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