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Ready to go


This is Thursday’s Reality Shot. But before I share my day with you, I want to have a look at Mockingbird Hill Cottage where Claudia hosts this idea.

I went up early this morning to get ready for my patchwork course this evening I’ve been preparing for a while. I made some nice little projects to show, for example this lovely bag (all hand-sewn) and this small piece with appliqued mushrooms. Actually, I am a huge fan of patchwork. I’ve been doing patchwork for more than 25 years now.

Now my boxes are packed. So many things to think of. There are more quilts in the car already.

Because of the stuff I decided to go by car although I’d rather travel by bus and train expecially for such long travels on the highway. What’s more, it might be foggy tonight. Generally, I don’t like to drive and from my home to Sargans it takes me about 75 minutes, which is a looooooong and boooooooooring drive. 😉

But now ( 7.20 am) it is time for breakfast.

Carpenters – Thursday’s Reality Shot


It’s Thursday, I’m back to share some excitement with you.

There hasn’t been the danger of collaps here although our barn looks rather weak at some points. My husband and I weren’t too scared about it when the carpenters (Bänninger & Son) showed us the problem zones with a frown the other day.

However, it must be said that I want the barn fixed befor the first snowstorm because I don’t like to think of me pulled out of bed in the middle of the night due to a strong wind tearing down the barn and the house. You have to know that there is only a quite thin wooden wall between bedroom and barn.

They’ve finally arrived with heavy logs and beams and a lot of ideas. There are sawdust everywhere and – in the middle of the excitement – three carptenters, Ueli and Peter Bänninger and Peter Giger, working. What’s more, I can watch them doing their impressive work. I’m a huge fan of this trade.


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A lot of work on Thursdays


Hello where ever you are

It’s time for an up-date.

It still seems to be in the middle of the night because I got up early (at 5) to make the most of my Thursday. It’s really dark outside at this time of day and year. Fortunatelly, the clocks are turnded back next weekend.

As usual I don’t have school today. However, as my ex-husband used to say (probabely still says: Thank God we have a holiday, therefore there is time for work!).

This is how I’m feeling right now. Indeed, Thursdays are loaded with a lot of chores like doing some laundery, bringing the garbage out and preparing for school. There are some fun parts though: Writing „Thursday Reality Shot“ for instance. I wish you all a pleasant day.

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I might start digging


My dictionnary translates „vault“, „tomb“, „crypt“, „grave“ and „burial vault“ when I look up „Gruft“. Hopefully, our pigpen (and this I mean literally) is not a grave. However, who knows what’s hidden (not burried) under the sawdust. But wait! Perhaps it’s a vault and I will find a treasure …

When we bought the house almost two years ago, the former owners left in a hurry and did’nt clean or empty the place. This meant a lot of work for us. There are still two places left we haven’t cleaned yet: The pigpen and the root cellar. I’m not keen on cleaning the pigpen because it looks like a really dirty chore. And there is nobody who likes to help me. So I keep the door firmly closed until Thursday’s Reality Shot is due.

So let’s go into the dark.

First we are going into the cowhouse. The door to the pigpen is in the right corner.

Oh, it’s a tiny bit opend and it seems to be very dark behind this door.  I haven’t been there for a long time, too scary for my taste.

Look at this mess! At least there is a small window at the back. I think the wood and sawdust was put in there when the pigs (poor fellows living in such a place) were gone.

And it’s full of cobwebs. Deffinitely not the place I want to stay long. Let’s keep the door shut.

I wish you a pleasant day without any dirty work. I’m sewing in my warm and cosy room. But thinking of the treasure I might start digging …

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Thursday’s Reality Shot


I went through the house and couldn’t find the right spot for today’s reality shot. I have to confess that I am a very orderly person and feel unwell when things get out of control. I love house work. However, I am not obsessive, I’ve rased four boys.

But then I remembered my vegetable garden. How could I forget? It’s in front of the house. Ui, that’s a mess and it needs a lot of weeding and digging and and and. But not today, it is raining. I’m glad. 🙂

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