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Finished project #14 Weihnachtssocken 2020 (laufend)


Es sieht zwar nicht so aus, aber fünf Paar Socken sind schon fertig. Many more to go!

Finished project #13 Ringelsocken



Finished project #12 (August 2017)


Finished project #1


The scarf is 2.40 metres long. It’s made of sock yarn used doubled. I’ve casted on 28 stitches, the pattern is garter stitch. I loved making it because it’s an easy knit that can be done easily while watching a movie. And there are times in life when you need something undemanding.

Finished stash-buster project #2


I had a almost full ball of lanagrossa merino meilenweit. There is still a bit left that I can use for the stash-buster blanket I am making.

Finished object #3


I used up 250 gramms of blue yarn I had in my stash. It’s a blend wool-acrylic.

Finished object #4

Neckalce with pebbles, using a diy-Knitting Nancy. There wasn’t much yarn used so it’s a perfect project for using up little bits.


Finished stash-buster project #5

I used up 420 gramms of sock yarn. You can read about the pattern and the finised project here.


Finished project #6: yoga socks

I used up 85 gramms of sock yarn. You can see more pictures and get the tutorial here.


Finished Stash-buster project #7


Finger knitting to make this thick noodle. I used up about 80 metres of 4 different yarns I found in a plastic bag. The white and brown are left-overs from left-overs of Fritz et Franz. Waiting to be put back into the card board box but finally used up. I also made a green noodle, and if it wasn’t June already I made many noodles more. They are fun to make  and fun to wear.

Stash-buster project #8


I used up about 150 gramms of white, brown, beige and a bit of „fox-red“.

Finished Project #9



Finished Project #10



The pattern is from Ravelry. I made two of these using up my rainbow colored yarn from buttinette, 400 gramms in total.

Finished stash-buster Project #11



I couldn’t stop making these cute owl hats. Now I’m looking for babies and their mothers who want try them on. I used about 50 gramms of yarn for each, makes a total of 250. gramms. The brown yarn is leftover from a cartdigan I knitted for my husband years ago. The pink, green, orange, blue and purple is acrylic yarn I used for blankets.


    • der beige, weiss, blaue? oder der bunte? für beide gibts keine snleitung. ich habe ein papiermuster gezeichnet und die entsprechenden quadrate und rechtecke gehäkelt und dann zusammengenäht. lg regulA

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