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Die Sonne spüren – Samstags 31/2021 – At Peace


Kein Begriff ist passender als „Sonnwendlig“ dieser Tage, denn jede und jeder wendet sich automatisch der Sonne zu, wenn sie sich, so selten das auch passiert, am wolkenbehangenen Himmel zeigt. Sonnwendlig, diese Blumen, die sich der Sonne zuwenden, heissen in meinem Dialekt Chrottäpöschä, Chueblume und auf Deutsch Löwenzahn. Gestern am späteren Nachmittag habe ich mich mit einer Flasche Sonnwendlig aufs Bänkli vors Haus gesetzt. Normalerweise suchen wir ja im Juli und August den Schatten, sitzen lieber auf der Ostseite des Hauses oder unter dem Nussbaum. Aber jetzt bin ich auch ein Sonnwendlig. Ich spüre die Wärme der Sonne und beschliesse, doch kein Holzofenbrot zu backen wie neulich, um einen guten Grund zu haben, die Stube gemütlicher zu machen und ein bisschen einzuheizen.

„Sonnwendlig“ means flowers that follow the sun. Dandelions. Everybody is a dandelion these days because once the sun is out, everybody want to feel it. It’s usually to hot on the westside of our house in late afternoon. But yesterday I opened a bottle and sat in front of the house, fully exposed to the sun behind clouds, of course. I was wearing a heavy shirt. There is no heat this summer. Anyway, I felt the sun and got in touch with life so much that I decided not to bake bread to warm up the living room. There is one more cardingan …

Ferien sind schön. Es ist genug Zeit, die Schönheiten und die Ruhe der Natur zu geniessen, den Blick auf das Naheligende zu lenken. Frieden zu schliessen mit sich und der Mitwelt.

Summer break means enough time to enjoy the beauty of nature and the stillness of a meadow away from the road, enough time to focus on the obvious. I’m at peace myself and the world.

Verlinkt mit Samstagsrunde bei Andrea in Berlin.

Trust Your Feelings


Good Morning on this rainy day! And thank you for stopping by!

Today I would like to share a favourite thing with you because it is A Favourite Thing Saturday at Claudia’s Mockingbird Hill Cottage.

After last weeks post I’ve been thinking about childhood memories. Here is one. When we were children my mother often drove with all five of us into the mountains, the Alpstein, where we would go hiking. The Alpstein is rather steep and rocky but has lovely mountain pastures and little lakes. One day, I was about 13 or 14 years old, we packed our rucksacks once more, hopped into the car, very small and fully packed, and off we went.  I had the strongest feeling that I would get an Appenzeller Bärli Biber that day although I had no idea why or how.

I don’t remember where we went exactely. Seealpsee? Ebenalp? Alp Sigel? Plattenbödeli? Anyway, on your way home my mother suddenly decided to stop at her host family where she had spent each summer as a child and learnd all the important things about the real life.

The county (it’s called Kanton in Switzerland) Appenzell is lovely and very countryside. It’s hilly with lots of meadows and forests higher up and of course the rocky mountains with the mountain pastures. There are some villages too, but many farmhouses, with their specific look and shape as you can see in the paintings, sprinkled into the landscape.

We stopped at a house in Schwendi, Appenzell and were welcomed with coffee and a Bärli Biber.

Yesterday I felt like eating one. Appenzeller Bärli Biber have been the same for hundreds of years as they go back to the 16th century.

So what do we learn from this little strory? Trust your feelings.

I wish you a lovely weekend.