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Carpenters – Thursday’s Reality Shot


It’s Thursday, I’m back to share some excitement with you.

There hasn’t been the danger of collaps here although our barn looks rather weak at some points. My husband and I weren’t too scared about it when the carpenters (Bänninger & Son) showed us the problem zones with a frown the other day.

However, it must be said that I want the barn fixed befor the first snowstorm because I don’t like to think of me pulled out of bed in the middle of the night due to a strong wind tearing down the barn and the house. You have to know that there is only a quite thin wooden wall between bedroom and barn.

They’ve finally arrived with heavy logs and beams and a lot of ideas. There are sawdust everywhere and – in the middle of the excitement – three carptenters, Ueli and Peter Bänninger and Peter Giger, working. What’s more, I can watch them doing their impressive work. I’m a huge fan of this trade.


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