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Hand Woven Linen Fabric – Leinen handgewebt


In den Herbstferien verbrachten wir ein paar Tage im Münstertal im Kanton Graubünden. Das traditionelle Hotel, in dem wir logierten, war ein bisschen wie ein Museum. Besonders angetan haben es mir die Bündner Kreuzstich Stickereien, die ich ab und zu in Kleinsformaten selber auch bewerkstellige.



Im Moment fehlt mir die Musse dazu, aber in der Handweberei am Ort, habe ich vorsorglich ein Stück handgewobenes Leinen gekauft. In den Weihnachtsferien werde ich loslegen. Bestimmt finde ich in meinem Bündner Kreuzstich Musterbuch etwas Passendes: Blumeornamente, Alphabete, Tiere.

We spent some days in the eastern part of Switzerland, in a valley called Münstertal. The hotel we stayed in is like a museum. As I have always been an admirer of the typical embroidery of this canton, I was very happy to see so many lovely items in the historical living room and kitchen. I also bought a piece of hand woven linen fabric in the local manufactury to be ready should I feel the urge to stitch as I used to do.

At the moment I just knit socks because I can put them down and pick them up again without even thinking where I have left it. I think I start stitching during Christmas break. I have a pattern book with traditional cross stitch patterns.


Bündner Kreuzstich zum Ersten


I posted about the collection of cross stitch patterns last Saturday. Do you want to see where this has leaded to?

Again it’s a favourite Saturday at Mockingbird Hill Cottage. And because I love Bündner cross stitch even more after I have finished my little project, I’m linking up.

I finished my cross stitch project when I was still in the mountains, which means yesterday. I was a bit worried I might not make anything with the little piece.


To make a long story short, I made a pincushion for my friend who lent me her skiing equipment for last week’s ski camp.





I wish you all a wonderful weekend and shout out a big hello to my new followers.

Early Morning Hours – Frühe Morgenstunden



I’m sharing tow pictures today that you can see how I spend the early morning hours at the class camp. I’m the second one to get up in order to enjoy a few quiet moments. Have you ever been in a class camp or in a ski camp even? In tnis case you know what I am talking about.

We are very fortunate weatherwise: Blue sky, sunshine, lots of snow, winter of the finest. And after midnight and before 6 o’clock in the morning I can do a few stitches on my Bündner Kreuzstich pattern. Any guesses what it is? Hopefully, I can show you soon.


Heute gibts nur zwei Bilder, damit ihr seht, wie ich die frühen Morgenstuden im Skilager verbringe. Ich bin die zweite, die aufsteht, um ein paar wenige ruhige Momente zu geniessen. Warst du je in einem Klassenlager mit dabei? Warst du je in einem Skilager? Dann weisst du, wovon ich rede.

Wir sind vom Wetterglück gesegnet: Blauer Himmerl, Sonnenschein, angenehme Temperaturen, viel Schnee. Ich bin seit über 30 Jahren nicht mehr so viel Ski gefahren (freiwillig würde ich das auch dieses Jahr nicht tun, hem!). Nach Mitternacht und vor 6 Uhr kann ich sogar ein paar Stiche an meiner Bündner Kreuzsticharbeit machen. Kannst du schon sehen, was es wird? Hoffentlich kann ich das fertige Bildchen bald zeigen.


Cross Stitch Patterns From This Very Place


Firstly, I’m packing for a class camp next week. I’m happy that the destination is in my favourite region of Switzerland. It’s the upper Rhine valley, called Surselva. The little village we are staying is Segnas.

Secondly, someone mentioned last week that it is difficult to find stitch patterns in libraries these days. After asking I found out that she was looking for cross stitch patterns. Now, look what I found in the thriftstore yesterday! Please, don’t hesitate to ask for some copies if you are still looking for cross stitch patterns. I would like to send you some.

Thirdly, some of the pattern of this collection of traditional Bünder cross stitch are from the Surselva.


Now, let’s open the book and have a look.



This sample is form 1868. Traditionally, Bündner cross stitch is done in red. The fabric used is linnen.


This pattern is from 1821, almost 100 years old.


Finally, I was thinking about a hand craft project to take with me even if I know that next week is hardly a vacation. But better be prepared I think.


I found these threads a while ago. They are the best. Unfortunatelly, there is no red spool. But, I am sure there is one in one of the many boxes in my attic. Furthermore, I hope that I can show you some progress on my cross stitch sample when I am back from Segnas and Disentis.

I’m linking with Mockingbird Hill Cottage.