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So schön – I Love It


Es gibt so viel wunderbares Handwerk.



Wonderful handcrafts all over the world.


Lunenburg, Nova Scotia


Way Back into Childhood – Zurück in die Kindheit



I went to my favourite thirftstore this morning carrying a list with me as usual. I thought that going there and browsing all around is one of the highlights during a vacation. I love going to the thirftstore. There are a few things I am always looking for. I could tick off some items, but found something else I didn’t even know I missed. How do you call it in English?


I learnt knitting when I was five years old. A woman who lived in the same building taught me. Frau Spühler had two sons, Kurt and Roger, a few years older than me. They both didn’t knit but made neverending cords with the Strickliesel. They would tie their teddy bears onto the colourful cords and let them down from the balcony on the fourth floor until they reached the ground, where other children tried to catch the teddies.

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