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Bööööööh, mein kleines Schaf



Heute hat es mich gelüstet, ein bisschen Stoff zu zerschneiden und zu nähen. Zuerst habe ich allerdings ein Schnittmuster gezeichnet und eine alte Jeans hervorgesucht.

I’ve wanted to cut some old jeans for days, but couldn’t decide whether it would be a chicken or a lamb. Look who won! 



Ich mache das immer Handgelenk mal Pi und finde meistens auch das passende Material. Die Haare sind meine ersten Spinnversuche.




Does it look like a sheep? – Yes, indeed. As there was no black felt in the box, I took little buttons for the pupils. 


Now, the little sheep looks really friendly. It seems a bit confused, doesn’t it? 


Meet our new neighbour – about 6 hours young – who inspired me. My husband couldn’t resist the baby lamb’s sad song. 🙂 

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Cute Little Lamb



I’m so happy I found these cute buttons at the yarn store before the skicamp. I was eager to finish up the sweet baby hoodie I made because I fell in love with it when I saw it at Linda’s crafty corner. Even my husband noticed how adorable the baby hoodie is. 🙂


Both, the little lamb and the sweet baby hoodie can be found on ravelry.

I think it’s the nicest finished object I’ve shared.

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Stash-buster-Challange 2013.

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