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Samstags sonnig und warm – Don’t Trust The Weather Forecast – Orange und Rot



Es gehört in der Schweiz dazu, sich an Ostern besonders für den Wetterbericht zu interessieren, damit man sich entweder darüber freut, zu den Schlauen zu gehören, die im Süden den Osterfrühling gefunden zu haben, oder zu den Schlauen, die  der Frühling entgegen aller Wetterprognosen zu Hause überrascht hat.

On the Easter days, the weather forecast seems to be especially important in Switzerland.  Many people trust the weather in the south more than in the northern parts and would rather stay in long lines on the highways. There has been one way to go south since the Romans: The Gotthard. I’ve never gone over or under the Gotthard during Easter in my life. I will never go! I’d rather stay home and laugh when spring and warm weather pays a visit not verifying the prediction. It happens. It often happens. Like this year. 



Die Ostertage sind noch nicht vorbei, klar, aber vorerst lache ich zu Hause und freue mich über den Sonnenschein. Tja, ich habe sogar ein leichtes Sonnenbrändli bekommen, als wir gestern so gemütlich und friedlich im Garten gesessen sind. Von diesem Event habe ich gestern schon erzählt. Vielleicht macht dich ja das Fischgewürzbild gluschtig. Wenn du also mehr wissen möchtest, einfach hier klicken. 🙂

I know this Easter weekend has two more days. But until the weather may change, I’m enjoying sunshine and warmth. I even got a slight sun burn yesterday. In case you like to read which tradition we celebrated for about the 50th time, klick here. The above picture is proof that it was wonderful as always. 


Heute experimentiere ich vielleicht noch ein bisschen mit Farbe. Und damit wir es nicht vergessen …..

I’m going to experiment with bright paint today. And that we never forget … 


verlinkt mit Andreas Samstagsplausch und Rösis 5-Minuten-Collage.


Mille Colori


I’ve been thinking a lot about favourites lately. 🙂 And I’ve made up my mind: Today’s post is about


My favourite colour is red. But I like blue a lot, and there is nothing like a rainbow-coloured item.

Dark brown suits my looks as do dark pink and aubergine. Yellow, clear blue and some green shades, on the other hand, make me look pale and sick.

When I wrote about my many woolen socks two weeks ago, I noticed that most of them are blue. I’m going to replace them with different colours that haven’t been in my collection yet.

green / green



light pink


Socks are far away from my face and don’t give the wrong impression health related so I wanted to make a green addition first but had to order some yarn yesterday. On my needles now are 60 stitches of Mille Colori (Lang Yarns) in different shades of green and a bit of a rainbow inbetween. The ball is a gift from my friend Iris by the way. Yes, she knows how to please a knit- and sockaholic.

A thousend thanks for Mille Colori! These are going to be my September socks.

Today is A Favourite Thing Saturday at Mockingbird Hill Cottage. It would be nice to join you there.