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Um den Hals wickeln – Wrapping Around


Let’s focus on the bright side of life!

This is not at all easy for me at the moment. But I’m trying nontheless.

I have two finished objects to show you today which is a great feeling because there are other projects waiting. The cat walks on velvety paws. Her name is just „Chatz“ for now, althought there were two suggestions: Agatha and Olivia. Thanks 🙂 , but I just know that I won’t be able to stick to a name anyway. If you want measurments of the cat, click here. I drew a cat on a big piece of paper making her round that she would fit around my neck.



Here is my second finished project: The stash-buster challenge 2013 shawl made of leftover sock yarn that I took doubled. The scarf is 2.4 metres long, and I can wrap it three times around my neck . There is still a lot of sock yarn left, and I am thinking of making arm warmers in the same colour scheme. We will see. First priority has a pair of socks as I am joing a kal, and my son has cold feet. I’m not sure about the colour for the socks yet … Unfortunatelly, he does not like them multi coloured and mismatched so they won’t be a stash-buster. Although I remember having black yarn somewhere in a basket ….

stash buster1

Now, let me have a look at other finished objects at Tami’s and than go back to the Ajour sweater. It’s growing too.

Thanks for visiting and all your lovely comments on my latest posts. They mean a lot to me.

Have a nice weekend!

Warm Neck – Warmer Hals und Nacken



Have you ever seen a lady wearing a fox around her neck? This kind of collars where you think the animal is still alive because it has a head and legs? Well, I was thinking about wrapping my cat (still very alive, in case you asked yourself if she died) around my neck. Wouldn’t that be lovely, cosy and warm so all the stiffness would vanish after a while? There is one major problem though; the cat is very does not like being wrapped around anything. I dug into my box of old sweaters, actually found a black one, cut it.

The cat needs stuffing (grape seeds) and facial surgery but this should be done this evening. Meanwhile I am wrapping my stash-buster shawl (not finished yet, too) around my neck. But I hope having finished it within two hours. I’m positive that I can show it on fo-Friday this week.

Have a happy Wip-Wednesday.



Habt ihr auch schon eine Dame gesehen, die einen Fuchs um ihren Hals trägt? Diese Art Kragen, bei dem man denkt, das Tier lebe noch, weil es Kopf und Füsse hat? Nun, ich habe daran gedacht, mir unsere Katze um den Hals zu wickeln (sie lebt noch munter, falls ihr euch gerade gefragt habt, ob sie gestorben sei). Wäre das nicht wunderbar warm, so dass die Nackenverspannung im Nu verschwinden würde? Da ist nur ein grösseres Problem; die Katze möchte nicht um irgend etwas gewickelt werden. Deshalb habe ich einmal mehr in meine Pulloverkiste gegriffen, ein schwarzes Stück gefunden und es zerschnitten.

Die Katze braucht noch Füllung und eine Gesichtsoperation, aber ich hoffe, dass sie heute Abend fertig ist. In der Zwischenzeit wickle ich mir meinen (auch noch nicht ganz fertigen) Restenwolleschal um den Hals. Auch diesen sollte ich bis um vier Uhr fertig gestrickt haben.

Einen schönen Nachmittag wünsche ich euch!