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Um den Hals wickeln – Wrapping Around


Let’s focus on the bright side of life!

This is not at all easy for me at the moment. But I’m trying nontheless.

I have two finished objects to show you today which is a great feeling because there are other projects waiting. The cat walks on velvety paws. Her name is just „Chatz“ for now, althought there were two suggestions: Agatha and Olivia. Thanks 🙂 , but I just know that I won’t be able to stick to a name anyway. If you want measurments of the cat, click here. I drew a cat on a big piece of paper making her round that she would fit around my neck.



Here is my second finished project: The stash-buster challenge 2013 shawl made of leftover sock yarn that I took doubled. The scarf is 2.4 metres long, and I can wrap it three times around my neck . There is still a lot of sock yarn left, and I am thinking of making arm warmers in the same colour scheme. We will see. First priority has a pair of socks as I am joing a kal, and my son has cold feet. I’m not sure about the colour for the socks yet … Unfortunatelly, he does not like them multi coloured and mismatched so they won’t be a stash-buster. Although I remember having black yarn somewhere in a basket ….

stash buster1

Now, let me have a look at other finished objects at Tami’s and than go back to the Ajour sweater. It’s growing too.

Thanks for visiting and all your lovely comments on my latest posts. They mean a lot to me.

Have a nice weekend!

Miau, miau, miau!



I wish you all a wonderful day!

Euch allen einen schönen Tag! 


This is my neck-cat. She is filled with grape seeds that she can be warmed up in the microwave. She measures 60 cm from her left ear to her right hint paw and 40 cm from her right front paw to the left hint paw. Sorry for not having a picture of the cat in action. I didn’t manage to take a decent photograph of me wearing it around my neck. 

Hier ist meine Nackenkatze. Sie ist mit Traubenkernen gefüllt, damit ich sie im Mikrowellengerät aufwärmen kann. Sie misst 60 cm vom linken Ohr zur rechten Hinterpfote und 40 cm von der rechten Vorder- zur linken Hinterpfote. Leider habe ich es nicht geschafft, ein anständiges Photo von mir und der Katze zu machen. Ihr könnt sie also nicht in Ausübung ihrer Bestimmung sehen.

I’m looking for a name for her. Any suggestions?

Ich suche einen Namen für das Büsi. Habt ihr eine Idee?