Schlagwort-Archive: Reality Shot Thursday

Ready to go


This is Thursday’s Reality Shot. But before I share my day with you, I want to have a look at Mockingbird Hill Cottage where Claudia hosts this idea.

I went up early this morning to get ready for my patchwork course this evening I’ve been preparing for a while. I made some nice little projects to show, for example this lovely bag (all hand-sewn) and this small piece with appliqued mushrooms. Actually, I am a huge fan of patchwork. I’ve been doing patchwork for more than 25 years now.

Now my boxes are packed. So many things to think of. There are more quilts in the car already.

Because of the stuff I decided to go by car although I’d rather travel by bus and train expecially for such long travels on the highway. What’s more, it might be foggy tonight. Generally, I don’t like to drive and from my home to Sargans it takes me about 75 minutes, which is a looooooong and boooooooooring drive. 😉

But now ( 7.20 am) it is time for breakfast.