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A Bunch of Tulips



I just came home from a bike ride into town. I’m not quite sure whether the bikers are more affraid of the cars or the cars of the bikers. How would you explain a green light and all the cars waiting until I’ve crossed the crossroads? I was a bit confused and full of fear I might have missed a point.

Anyway, I arrived home safe and sound and with a bunch of tulips, that certainly make my spartan room a bit more attractive and personal. In fact, it’s amazing how big a difference a bunch of flowers makes. 🙂 Remember, I’m still at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island.

As this week’s schedule has been loaded with interesting encounters, meetings and field trips, I hardly found the time to read and crochet, for which I will find the time during the weekend.

Have a good time! 

P.s.I haven’t a finished item to show, but you can visit lots of blogs that show a finished project this Friday at Tami’s party. 

Interesting and Exciting



Hello Lovelies!

Wherever you are, I hope you are well and comfortable and able to enjoy summer.

It’s impossible to sleep in due to the heat and humidity, which gives me a lot of leisure time early in the morning. 🙂 I’m already looking forward to going outside where it is a bit cooler than inside under the roof. Oh, I love these big and shadowy trees! They are very apreciated, indeed. Today I will have the time to do a bit of shopping to get the appropriate clothes. I’m about to cut the legs of my jeans … off.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss my home and the cool brise there at all. Summer here is quite a physical experience I wouldn’t want to miss out. Furthermore, the schedule at Sale Regina University is so intresting and exciting that I take the heat and humidity with a smile. 🙂 And when we were at McKillop University yesterday I was thankful to have long and thick jeans because it was freezing cold in the building. Everybody (except the tought guys envied me). When I do reaserch for my individual project, I will have to wear my fleeze jacket and woolen socks. I’m very glad I have three pairs of them with me. 😉


Crochetwise there was a change of plans before I left home on Sunday. The lacy yarn was just too thin for my taste. Fortunately, I found some white bamboo-cotton yarn in one of my many cardboard boxes in the attic to make a second South Bay Shawlette. I actually crochet one or two rows a day …


Isn’t it a nice way to enjoy the coffee break when we have lectures? We are allowed to sit in these leather chairs in the lounge between the two classrooms of the building which used to be the summer cottage of a wealthy families. Do you want to know where they got the money from?

I’m going to be busy today with lectures about the Revolution and the Civil War, improving my wardrobe,  crochet and reasurch. Can’t wait to show you how my individual project I told you about yesterday, is coming along.


Sorry, guys! I’m here to study English, therefore no German post. 😉



Hot and Humid



I forgot what hot and humid means. But now I am enjoying it in Newport, Rhode Island. For the first time in months I actually can feel the warmth in the core of my body. I don’t complain, but I packed the wrong clothes. I’m always a little bit affraid of being cold and could not imagine that I acatually would not need woolen socks and jeans. On the bright side, theyse clothes have never been so warm before.


I’m up very early today, still a bit jet-lagged. I can hear the birds singing in the big trees around Wallace Hall were I am located in a plain dorm, that makes me remeber the time in college years ago although the rooms we shared were not so sticky and smelly. I’m thinking about making the room a bit more personal and  might buy a bunch of flowers today.


My room is the second from the right under the roof.

The summer heat makes me feel I am on vacation, but actually I am not. I’m attending the Continuing Education Program PHTG/SRU Summer 2013 with an interesting schedule including lectures about About American history and literature and culture as well as fun project like a visit at Barnes and Noble in Middletown. We are staysing on the campus of Salve Regina University which has not been built as a Universitiy but includes the summer cottages and mansions of familes that where rich before the great depression. The buildings are still in their original styles and carefully maintained which means that the classrooms for example still have  fireplaces.

I have been thinking a lot about my „Personal Project“ I have to hand in after the three weeks. I’m not quite sure about it, but I’d like to make a collection of recipes. My project would cover up some conversation (imagine me knocking on people’s doors and asking if they mind sharing a family recipe with me) as well as scrap booking (I’m a quite creative person and like hand crafts as you know) and writing (the stories behind the recipes might be interesting).


Anyway, if you happen to American, feel free to share a recipe with me. It might be rewarding. Who knows if the cook book will make it into the shelves of Redwood Library we visted yesterday  on the Walking Tour of Historic Newport. At least you would make me very happy! 🙂 And of course I will show you the outcome of my research, writing and scrapbooking soon.