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Abraham Lincoln and Moby Dick versus Leisure and Pleasure



I enjoy going to school in the morning, having lunch in the cafeteria and going back to serious business in the afternoon, like going to the library, working for my individual projekt, having a third lecture. I’m a very happy student.

But I also enjoy riding „my“ bike, visiting thrift stores, looking for books and going out with friends. I haven’t laught that much for a long time.

I’m also glad to have a quiet room for myself, where I can have my little world of peace and quiet, where I can read at night as long as I want to, get up as early as I like to, where I can write and sometimes crochet.


Yes, I finished (up) the white yarn, which might count for a finished object although I’m going to crochet a border when I am home. Anyway, the shawlette looks pretty already. I’ve hung it onto the fence to give you a view of the vast meadow next to Wallace Hall, my vacation home for three weeks. The shawl looks nice on the table together with a healthy snack and a book I found in St. Paul’s Thrift store on Broadway, Newport.



Happy fo-Friday to everybody!

Join the party at Tami’s Amis and pay some visits.

Interesting and Exciting



Hello Lovelies!

Wherever you are, I hope you are well and comfortable and able to enjoy summer.

It’s impossible to sleep in due to the heat and humidity, which gives me a lot of leisure time early in the morning. 🙂 I’m already looking forward to going outside where it is a bit cooler than inside under the roof. Oh, I love these big and shadowy trees! They are very apreciated, indeed. Today I will have the time to do a bit of shopping to get the appropriate clothes. I’m about to cut the legs of my jeans … off.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss my home and the cool brise there at all. Summer here is quite a physical experience I wouldn’t want to miss out. Furthermore, the schedule at Sale Regina University is so intresting and exciting that I take the heat and humidity with a smile. 🙂 And when we were at McKillop University yesterday I was thankful to have long and thick jeans because it was freezing cold in the building. Everybody (except the tought guys envied me). When I do reaserch for my individual project, I will have to wear my fleeze jacket and woolen socks. I’m very glad I have three pairs of them with me. 😉


Crochetwise there was a change of plans before I left home on Sunday. The lacy yarn was just too thin for my taste. Fortunately, I found some white bamboo-cotton yarn in one of my many cardboard boxes in the attic to make a second South Bay Shawlette. I actually crochet one or two rows a day …


Isn’t it a nice way to enjoy the coffee break when we have lectures? We are allowed to sit in these leather chairs in the lounge between the two classrooms of the building which used to be the summer cottage of a wealthy families. Do you want to know where they got the money from?

I’m going to be busy today with lectures about the Revolution and the Civil War, improving my wardrobe,  crochet and reasurch. Can’t wait to show you how my individual project I told you about yesterday, is coming along.


Sorry, guys! I’m here to study English, therefore no German post. 😉



Zu schnell – Too Quick


Rowan Lace

Good Mornign Ladies! 

Sometimes there seems to be not enought yarn to …. finish a row or even finish a whole project. Then the thought pops up if I knit or crochet or sew faster it might last until the end. See, it’s like driving a car with the tiniest bit of fuel. If you drive faster, you don’t need as much time, and ergo use less fuel.  😉

Yesterday I was concerned that I couldn’t finish the last row of the South Bay Shawlette. I crocheted high speed. And of course, there was little yarn left. I could have crocheted a bit slower. 

Anyway, with the shawl finished (I was once more a very busy lady and a very quick crocheter), I must pack another project for the flight to Boston this afternoon. Because there wasn’t any time left to find another project, I do what I like doing the most: making a second piece. 


Guten Morgen, meine Damen!

Manchmal scheint es doch, dass die Wolle nicht reicht, um noch bis ans Ende der Reihe zu stricken oder das gute Stück überhaupt fertig zu bringen. Dann hilft nur eines: ganz schnell stricken, häkeln oder nähen. Es ist wie beim Autofahren, wenn fast kein Benzin mehr im Tank ist. Wenn du schneller fährst, bis du schneller am Ziel, ergo braucht es weniger Treibstoff. 😉

Gestern also ist mein gehäkeltes Tuch fertig geworden. Ich häkelte die letzte Reihe superschnell, so dass am Schluss sogar noch ein kleines Knäuelchen übrig blieb. Ich hätte mir also ein bisschen mehr Zeit lassen können.

Wie auch immer, für den Flug nach Bosten heute Nachmittag muss ich nun also ein neues Ärbetli einpacken. Da überhaupt keine Zeit ist, eine neue Idee zu finden, mache ich, was ich am liebsten mache: Ich häkle noch ein zweites Stück.



Winkie from A creative Being showed her Soth Bay Shawlette the other day and motivated me to make one myself. Have you ever visited her blog? 

And yes, stash-busting it was!

stash buster1