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Grau sieht heute fröhlich aus – Grey Is a Happy Colour



Finally, a sunny day with mild temperatures that we can sit outside and knit. Even grey looks happy in today’s sunshine. 

Endlich! Ein sonniger Nachmittag zu Hause. Die Temperaturen sind so mild, dass wir draussen sitzen und stricken können. Sogar grau ist heute eine fröhliche Farbe.

Three – Drei


Hello to all of you on this Wednesday. Hello to my new readers. As always it’s time to show you what I would work on if I had the time. Work life is still very busy and I wonder if I will ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not before December 9, I’m affraid.

I’m working on three projects at the moment, that only show little progress, unfortunately.

# 1 : An experiment with chunky granny squares, that comes along nicely after a lot of frogging.

# 2 : A table runner with the crocheted stars

# 3 : A sweater in turquoise, purple, white and a little pink

The most exciting event of today; what a surprise! I just came home from a place in the fog. Now I can see the sun. It’s bit milky but still very much appreciated. This is the view from my kitchen window.

It’s wip wednesday at Tami’s amis. Check out what others are making.