Sun and Fun



I merry hello to you all from Empächli, Elm with the most wonderful weather, sunshine and the company of 48 students. This means nothing to do for us teachers, right? The mountains are very close and impressive because the valley (Sernftal) is deep and narrow.


This happened to me this morning:


The poor boy had to walk 30 meters to the cable car station to get the stuff.

Have a look into the kitchen, where Mia is chopping salade …


… and into the dining room before dinner.


Now I am off to the cable car down the mountain to get more milk and coffee for breakfast tomorrow. Enjoy Wednesday, Febraury 26, wherever you are, whatever you do! I’m sure enjoying mine.



  1. Herrliches Winterwetter 🙂 genieße es….
    Für mich ist es die Erinnerung an meinen kurzen Skiurlaub letzte Woche.
    Noch eine schöne Zeit.
    Grüße von Heike

  2. Winter brings special circumstances for daily living..yes? 🙂
    I have lived in remote and extreme locations in the past and I know it is a bit different…no ’stopping by the grocery store on your way home‘ or ‚calling for take-out‘! But SO BEAUTIFUL…so worthwhile.

    • I feel extremly happy up here! However, it’s not very remote. It took me a good hour to get down and walk into the village and back. But I’m thankful that some women came by and helped me carry the 12 kilos (12 bottles of milk) for half the way back to the cable car station. One was at my left and one at my right side. 🙂 12 bottles in two crates is quite haevy! I didn’t feel my fingers after a while.

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