Last Squares


Unfortunatelly, I can’t crochet the border as I’m waiting impatiently for the last one or two squares to arrive. I can’t wait to finish this blissful blanket from the facebook square swap 2012. Meanwhile I’m adding a few grannies to complete it. Isn’t it great, how all the squares blend in?

Thank you ladies! ♥♥♥

Wishing you all a crafty weekend!


  1. That is one of the most beautiful grannie square blankets I have ever seen. The fact that many people worked together to put it together makes it even more beautiful!

  2. Grannies are my latest craze and I’m enjoying the variety they offer. Your blanket is terrific – how special to have little gifts from all over. It must be great fun to get the post each day when they’re arriving! I completly understand your rainbow fever! I love seeing all those brilliant colors just waiting to come together! I have an „end jar“ too – isn’t it neat to see bits of your projects all gathered together! And the little helpers are a wonderful project. You’ve been a busy lady!

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