Last Squares


Unfortunatelly, I can’t crochet the border as I’m waiting impatiently for the last one or two squares to arrive. I can’t wait to finish this blissful blanket from the facebook square swap 2012. Meanwhile I’m adding a few grannies to complete it. Isn’t it great, how all the squares blend in?

Thank you ladies! ♥♥♥

Wishing you all a crafty weekend!


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  3. Grannies are my latest craze and I’m enjoying the variety they offer. Your blanket is terrific – how special to have little gifts from all over. It must be great fun to get the post each day when they’re arriving! I completly understand your rainbow fever! I love seeing all those brilliant colors just waiting to come together! I have an „end jar“ too – isn’t it neat to see bits of your projects all gathered together! And the little helpers are a wonderful project. You’ve been a busy lady!

  4. That is one of the most beautiful grannie square blankets I have ever seen. The fact that many people worked together to put it together makes it even more beautiful!

    • Yes, I’m still amazed how the blanket turned out. Each square has its own hidden story to tell. Eventuelly, they all will have become one. 🙂

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